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This page is an overview of the library

Here, you are going to learn how to:

Add WSphynxJS to your web site

WSphynxJS is a lightful library. The code is 4.22 kb, easy to download.

Script tag

You can download WSphynxJS with a script tag:

<script defer src=""></script>

NOTE: It's important to place the script tag in the head section.

Direct download

It is also possible to download directly WSphynxJS here.

However, we do not recommend to copy the code in your own web page. We often update the source code and you would probably miss new functionalities or bug corrections.

Create your first WSphynxJS div

The method exposes below is valid for all HTML tags (you can consult the complete list here).

Add a div

To add a div, you have to add "ws" at the beginning of the tag name:

<wsdiv wsid="test"> Veni vedi vici <wsdiv>

You have just created your first WSphynxJS first div! Consult the doc2 to look further.

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